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HYBRID 1 and 2 GROUP by Astoria

HYBRID: The bridge connecting two separate worlds

Hybrid is the link connecting the great tradition of the real Italian espresso coffee with the ease of use of a fully automatic machine.


The innovative front slide-in portafilters with automatic blocking system are much more ergonomic and easy to operate than the traditional portafilters with manual hookon System. The use of specific single or double portafilters ensures the perfect quality in the cup because the filters are dimensioned and shaped to contain the proper amount of coffee. Portafilters, like those on a traditional machine, are always in contact with the heated group ensuring maximum temperature stability throughout a very busy day.

The authentic taste of the future

The coffee bean hoppers are connected to an automatic grinder which doses the right amount of freshly ground coffee into the portafilter. The automatic loading and tamping device grants optimal compression of the coffee into the filter without taking up the barista’s time. The integration of the system for automatically frothing fresh milk directly into the cup yields a large number of coffee + milk beverages, enabling less expert users to better meet many of their clients’ needs. The milk foaming system adopted on HYbrid allows the creativity of the barista to surface and the least expert of operators can thusbe able to satisfy the various requirements of customers.

Increased efficiency, with style

All innovations on HYbrid are brought together in a compact form designed to save valuable space on the counter with a more practical and efficient working environment. Fewer actions and no movement of the operator are required to activate the machine: the result is thus a more relaxed and harmonious style of working of the operator.

  • Large Working Surface
  • More Free Space On The Counter
  • Fewer Actions And No Movements By The Operator = More Efficiency And Performance


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