Procaffé provides over
12 million cups of coffee
to some of Australia's
largest corporate brands.


Offering you
the world's finest
coffee machines





Our national reach makes us the choice provider for many of Australia’s largest brands.

Just two years after the company formed in 1998, Procaffé Australasia fast embarked on a journey to become the leading specialist provider of coffee machines, coffee and related products specifically for the workplace.

The new millennium saw Procaffé become the Australasian agent for the Bristot 1919 Premium Italian Coffee brand. Produced in Northern Italy, this ISO accredited roasting house blended more than 90 years of experience into Procaffe’s vast local knowledge. In a perfect unity of quality, research and precision, Australian workplaces began to embrace the luxury of premium Italian coffee.

Building on a loyal customer base, Procaffé began to import and distribute its own line of brewing equipment in 2004. Sourcing the ‘tools’ from an exclusive provider in Bologna, Italy meant that the company could confidently deliver coffee machines built to suit customers in the Australian market.

This bespoke brewing equipment, when implemented and managed on the advice of Procaffé’s professionals, can increase employee productivity, and in turn company profit.

Any organisation, from small through to multi-national can experience the unmatched benefit of Procaffe’s premium equipment, coffee and related products, client-responsive service and maintenance programs.

Just ten years after a father and son realized their dream in forming the company, Procaffé launched an organic, fair trade coffee named Botanica. In meeting increasing corporate demand for fair trade coffee, Botanica further entrenches Procaffe’s ongoing commitment to the provision of specialist corporate service.

Procaffé recognises the Australian market’s sophisticated needs. Since the 1980’s Australia’s obsession with Cafe Latte’s has grown exponentially. Each morning in Italy, the Café Latte is prepared for breakfast only; Australians have so popularised the cafe latte that it is consumed at almost any time of the day.